Weechik  Post 518


Monthly Meetings

Lady's Auxiliary - 1st Monday of the Month

American Legion - 2nd Monday of the Month

Sons of the Legion - 3rd Sunday of the Month

           Post Officers

Commander -Robert Warmbein
269-208-8949 -RWarmbein@triton.net

1st Vice - Randy Taylor
269-217-1387 - RTaylor@kssenterprises.com

2nd Vice -Lyle Mensinger

Adjutant -Beverly Koch
269-426-4595 - RWarmbein@triton.net

Finance Officer -Mike Heidinger

Service Officer - Larry Lear        
269-426-6106  -Lear.Larry@yahoo.com

Chaplin - Stan Alvarez

Judge Advocate - Charles Potts

Sargent at Arms -Tim Williams

Post Historian -Kevin Wittlieff
269-921-3247 - Kevin_Wittlieff@LECO.com

Website Questions or Concerns Please contact: Kevin_Wittlieff@LECO.com